OUAT Fanfic Prompt


Emma: You wanna go home and see what’s on Netflix?

Killian: I don’t know what that is but sure.

Emma meets up with Hook after she talks to Regina, they see Peter Pan or House on Netflix.

Killian reacts to the Disney Hook

They both react to Allison Cameron on House 

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Fanfic request

Can someone write a fan fiction crossover of Castle x Chicago PD. Where Beckett somehow finds that her training officer Mike Royce faked his own death and is still alive in Chicago and is a notorious dirty cop named Hank Voight. Also where Beckett finds out that Erin Lindsay is basically the new her, but Beckett is the first one and the one that Royce/Voight likes better :D 

"We’re going home."

"We’re going home."


5x01 // 5x19

"We’re going home

"Maybe it’s taking care of you

Castle x Chicago PD fanfiction challege

Can someone write a crossover fan fiction with Castle and Chicago PD where Beckett finds out Mike Royce is Hank Voight… 

Some Prompts: 

Mike could have faked his death 

Becket needs Voight/ Royce’s help and goes to him in Chicago 

Beckett helped Mike Royce fake his death